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18650 Battery Specification, Price, Charger, Holder, BMS

In this article you know about 18650 li ion battery, 18650 battery charger, 18650 battery holder/spacer,18650 battery price, 18650 lithium ion rechargeable battery etc.

An 18650 battery is in cylindrical shape with 18 mm diameter & 65 mm length & has 1800 – 40000 mAh( available in different ratings)as per requirement.

18650 battery specification

  • Type – Cylindrical lithium ion 18650 rechargeable cell
  • Nominal voltage – 3.7 V
  • Nominal capacity – 2800 mAh ( it depends upon manufacturer & varies from brand to brand.)
  • Minimum discharge voltage – 3.0V
  • Maximum charging voltage – 4.2V
  • Maximum discharge current – 1C
  • Charging current – 0.5C
  • Weight – 47 g (approx.)
  • Dimension – 18mm dia 65mm length (approx)
  • Operating temperature – 0 to 45’c(charge), -20 to 60 (discharge) approx.
  • Standard charge – Constant current & constant voltage
  • Standard discharge – Constant current

mAh Rating of 18650 lithium ion rechargeable battery

Different manufactures have different mAh ratings of cells.Higher the value of mAh has higher capacity.

For 2500 mAh consume 2.5A from the battery for 1 hour. Due to Ah rating you may know how long the battery runs.

C Rating of 18650 lithium ion rechargeable battery

For a 2500mah battery if rating is 1C it means we can draw  2.5A current from it.In other words 1C means value of current on which the entire battery discharge in 1 Hour.

Above mentioned specification is approx value of a particular product & value change according to manufactures. Some other factors also include in specification e.g:- Internal resistance, Energy density, Specific power.In detail you may find specification Here (1), (2)

18650 battery price in india

18650 battery price majorly depends upon two factors first is mAh rating & second Manufacturer of 18650 cell. As mAh increases simultaneously the price of 18650 li-ion also increases.

In market number of brands available for 18650 li-ion batteries e.g.:- Panasonic, LG chem, BYD, Samsung, Roofer, etc.

You may find some local brand batteries starting from 35 INR but never go with a cheap battery only as per our opinion you may purchase from either amazon ,Robu or authenticate source.

You have one more option that purchase directly from manufacturers but they have some restrictions for packs of 100, 1000 qty.

Unprotected  & protected 18650 battery

The 18650 cell comes with an integrated protection  circuit to protect the cell from over charge & over draw known as protected 18650 battery. Unprotected comes without a protection circuit and at the time of use requires a BMS ( battery management system).

18650 Battery Holder

18650 battery holder available in market as for single cell, double cells, 4 cells & with cover & without cover as per requirement but if you want a number of cells for your project or something else you may use a battery spacer.

In the battery spacer you may add a number of 18650 cells as per your requirement.

But if you are making a large project & requires no solder/ no spot welding for the battery kit you may find Here – https://vruzend.com/. In this you fix the 18650  battery with the help of nut & bolt.

18650 Battery Spot welding

For connection of cell with nickel strip or with wire some person use soldering iron, but as per our opinion never use soldering iron it will increase  temperature of cell ( High temperature not good for 18650 battery for safety purpose & performance of battery) & second it may loose with time.

To avoid spot welding you may use a special type battery holder.

18650 Battery connecting nickel plate

For the connection of batteries each other generally uses a nickel plate. You find a nickel strip in roll or some time in small pieces.

In a special kit no need to cut & place a nickel plate. Inside the kit already fixed nickel plates are available.

Safety:- Always use precaution to avoid cut injury from the nickel plate.

18650 Battery Charger

Battery charge is for charging an 18650 battery. Always purchase a good quality smart charger to increase the lifespan of a battery. Never purchase a charger to cut the price only. If the charger is not good it will decrease the life of the battery or explode the battery also.

Purchase your 18650 charger from reliable vendor only.

18650 Battery BMS (Battery Management System)

Battery management system is an electronic system  that protects the battery from overcharging & discharging & makes it safer for use. Without BMS battery during over charge & discharge heat up may damage.

BMS Working in six step – Monitoring, Calculating monitored data, Report the data, Protect the data, control environment & balancing.

In one line BMS is used for critical safeguarding to protect a single battery / battery pack from damage.

Lithium ion  18650 battery pack

If you want to make you own DIY lithium ion cell & less idea about that than you may read following book for that or check Best book for electric vehicle.

You may find best electric books on electric vehicle 

After reading the book below, you are capable enough to build your own battery pack.


18650 Battery cautions

  • Never put an 18650 battery in a high pressure and high temperature area to avoid exploding & catch fire.
  • Try to avoid using new & old 18650 batteries in a single battery pack.
  • In a single pack try to use the same brand & rating batteries.
  • Always purchase a good quality smart charger to increase life span & safe battery.
  • Always purchase batteries, charger etc from trusted brands & sources.
  • Always use the correct charging cable.
  • Never exceed the discharge rate of the battery.
  • Never completely drain your batteries.
  • For charging & discharging of use test equipment designed only for lithium ion cells. Do not use ordinary charging & discharging equipment.
  • Protect cells from over discharged & overcharged.
  • Never connect negative & positive terminals through metal links. It will short circuit the cell.
  • Stop charging the battery if it will take longer than usual time or heat, odoor. Deformation et.
  • Try to store battery 50 % charge in case of longer period storage & store in a cool & dry place.
  • Never beat, trample the cell.
  • Never pierce the battery.
  • Never charge the battery to direct the electric outlet.
  • Never buy unsafe/cheap batteries.
  • Never use a damaged, deformed, leakage battery.


After reading the above article you may know about 18650 battery specification, price, holder, battery management system & also able to select or make own battery bank.

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