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About Us

It is all about electric vehicles.

This is a platform for updating electric vehicle information, knowledge,and new technology.

Our aim is to provide information & motivate people to use electric vehicles for a green & clean environment & this is possible only due to all our combined efforts.

Our team member has a certified energy auditor from BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency)

We also provide influencer marketing brand service for electric vehicles (Electric bicycle, Bike, Scooter, car etc.) & its related products.

Our achievements

(A) Make position in Top 75 Electric vehicle Blog  in the world.

(B) Media partner for following events.

  1. Green Auto Summit 2020
  2. World Battery Industry Expo (WBE)- 2021
  3. Sustainable Mobility Digital Conference & Networking.
  4. ICA Summit 2021 
  5. Battery Electric Vehicle Architectures USA 2021 (BEVA USA 2021)


Best Books  On Electric Vehicles.

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