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Felidae Maven Electric Bicycle | Affordable Electric Bicycle in India.


Pune based Felidae Electric launched affordable & quality electric cycle “Maven” at competitive price with range 35-50 KM. Felidae electric maven is one of the best electric cycle in this price range. Objective of Felidae electric cycle – Objective is to provide the most economical  and sustainable electric bicycle at an affordable price. About Felidae … Read more

Hero Lectro Ezephyr

Hero Lectro Ezephyr

Hero lectro ezephyr is one of the best electric cycles from hero lectro with multi speed & hub motor.  As the electric cycle has a number of parts so before selecting any electric cycle you must have knowledge for it e.g.- Motor, Battery, Controller, Display, Brake, Light, Suspension, Harness, Gear drive etc. You may find … Read more

Top 10 : Best Electric Bike Conversion Kit 2023 | Best ebike Conversion Kit | Best e Bike Conversion Kit | Electric Bike Conversion Kit With Battery


If you want to convert your bicycle into an electric bike than you are on the right track. It is easy to convert your bicycle into an electric bike, but if you consider some  technical things during selection of an electric bike  kit  than it will ease your journey to convert the bicycle into an … Read more

Being Human Cycle Price In 2023

Being Human Cycle Price

If you purchase any product from Being Human brand either apparel or cycle, a part of the amount is used for noble causes, education and healthcare for the Underprivileged. Being human launched an electric cycle for a green environment, healthier life & fitness. As we know that electric vehicles are the future of transportation & … Read more

Best Books  On Electric Vehicles.

Top 10 : Best Electric Cycle in india