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Bosch electric car conversion kit – “eAxle”

If you are searching for electric car conversion kit, you can not miss “Bosch” As you know bosch invests 400 million euros every year to achieve a breakthrough in electromobility. The “eAxle” is an all-in-one electrical powertrain. In a single compact system you may find – electric motor, power electronics & transmission. The following are … Read more

Felidae Maven Electric Bicycle | Affordable Electric Bicycle in India.


Pune based Felidae Electric launched affordable & quality electric cycle “Maven” at competitive price with range 35-50 KM. Felidae electric maven is one of the best electric cycle in this price range. Objective of Felidae electric cycle – Objective is to provide the most economical  and sustainable electric bicycle at an affordable price. About Felidae … Read more

Hero Lectro Ezephyr

Hero Lectro Ezephyr

Hero lectro ezephyr is one of the best electric cycles from hero lectro with multi speed & hub motor.  As the electric cycle has a number of parts so before selecting any electric cycle you must have knowledge for it e.g.- Motor, Battery, Controller, Display, Brake, Light, Suspension, Harness, Gear drive etc. You may find … Read more

Best Books  On Electric Vehicles.

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