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18650 Battery Specification, Price, Charger, Holder, BMS


In this article you know about 18650 li ion battery, 18650 battery charger, 18650 battery holder/spacer,18650 battery price, 18650 lithium ion rechargeable battery etc. An 18650 battery is in cylindrical shape with 18 mm diameter & 65 mm length & has 1800 – 40000 mAh( available in different ratings)as per requirement. 18650 battery specification Type … Read more

How do you charge an electric scooter at home

Charging of electric scooters or electric vehicles is not rocket science. It is as simple as connecting your mobile for charging. Before charging you must know something about charging. Generally electric vehicles come in two types of charging first one is  AC charging or Slow charging & second one is DC or fast charging. In … Read more

Where to buy CR2032 battery


Last Jan my fitness equipment display was not working & checked & found that the battery was over. I Checked the detail of the battery & that was CR2032.I noted in my purchase list for purchasing nearby stores. I searched for nearby 3 stores & did not find it.After coming back from the store, I … Read more

200 Amp hour lithium ion battery

200 amp hour lithium ion battery

Electric Car Conversion kit price in india As lithium batteries have a number of advantages  on lead acid , AGM/GEl batteries like. High usable capacity,Lighter in weight,More warranty,Built in battery management system, High lifetime capacity, High cost, Faster charging , More charging cycles, High life expectancy, Voltage stable throughout discharge,More reliable, Maintenance free, Install in … Read more

Lithium batteries for motorhomes

lithium battery for motorhomes

Best 7 : Lithium batteries for motorhomes In the current scenario as lithium battery price reduces from last years, now lithium batteries are the first choice  in comparison to lead acid, AGM/GEL batteries. As you are searching lithium batteries for motorhomes, it means you know very well the advantages of lithium batteries in comparison to … Read more

Lithium ion battery


lithium ion battery is the main part of Electric vehicle (EV) & some thing must to know about it. Lithium ion battery lithium ion battery is rechargeable battery & commonly used for electric vehicle & portable electronics device (Mobile,Laptop etc.). Lithium ion battery is also known as Li-ion battery. Lithium  is the lightest metals & … Read more

Alternatives of lithium ion battery

Alternatives of lithium ion battery

As you know that people start shifting from Internal combustion engine to electric vehicle for clean & safe environment or we can say that the electric vehicle is The future of transportation . As maximum electric vehicle i.e. two wheeler, three wheeler, car, bus truck  is using Lithium ion battery as power storage & battery … Read more

Aluminium ion battery

Aluminium ion battery

Team of researchers is working day & night to improve performance of lithium-ion batteries & along with finding out new alternative of lithium ion battery.Researcher working on to find out way in aluminium-ion battery, as it is in initial stage but due to availability of aluminium & low cost we may find aluminium ion battery … Read more

World’s First Iron Ion battery

Iron Ion battery

As battery is the main component of electric vehicle & in cost perspective major part of electric vehicle & maximum vehicle use Lithium-ion battery, But as know that lithium  source are limited. Lithium maximum production from australia,argentina,china & chile etc. & no production in india. So find out new solution researchers from Indian Institute of … Read more

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