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How do you charge an electric scooter at home

Charging of electric scooters or electric vehicles is not rocket science. It is as simple as connecting your mobile for charging. Before charging you must know something about charging.

Generally electric vehicles come in two types of charging first one is  AC charging or Slow charging & second one is DC or fast charging.

In case of two vehicle maximum companies provide AC charging & that will charge  electric vehicles form direct home electricity.

Some vehicle manufacturers provide detachable batteries i.e. remove from the vehicle & charge it wherever you require. Other one is not a facility to remove from the vehicle &  charge the vehicle.

how do you charge an electric scooter at home

Electric vehicle manufacturers provide chargers for charging electric vehicles. Charger has two end one points, one is for connecting to battery/vehicle & second  for connecting to the home electricity socket.

Second side top generally has a capacity of 5A/15A 220V AC 50HZ & direct connect to home socket. Top may be 2 pins or 3 pins. For e.g. please find an image of a charger.

Some electric vehicles provide a special type of socket i.e. not fit for home socket. For this type of  charger special socket is  required.

Key point before connecting charger.

  1. Avoid to park your vehicle in direct sunlight.
  2. Plug & socket never come into contact with water (Electrical Hazard).
  3. If you want to  calculate the cost of electricity you may connect a small energy meter for a charging socket.

How much cost to charge electric scooter 

Cost of charging an electric scooter depends on two factors.

  1. Battery capacity in kwh
  2. Tariff charge of electricity ( Cost of per unit) 

If we assume that battery capacity in 1kwh & cost per unit is 6 INR

Charging Cost = Battery capacity X Cost per unit

                           =1 X 6 =6 INR

Note :- You may connect fix energy meter or portable energy meter for charging point of electric vehicle , due to this you may calculate daily/weekly/monthly power consumption of electricity & according to tariff calculate cost of  power.


Can you charge an electric scooter overnight?

You can charge an electric vehicle overnight if the battery has BMS ( battery management system) without BMS it will overcharge the battery due to this chance of overheating & explosion.

Generally Lithium ion batteries come with Battery management system.

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