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Lithium ion vs Lithium iron phosphate

Lithium ion vs Lithium iron phosphate

If you are searching for a measure difference in Lithium ion vs Lithium iron phosphate in short, you are on the right place.

Generally you find that lithium ion batteries are good & in comparison to Lifepo4, but lifepo4 has some advantage on lithium ion.

Here we list down comparisons of Lithium ion vs Lithium iron phosphate, we compare with each other.

In this comparison you may find advantage & disadvantage of Lithium ion & Lithium iron phosphate batteries.

 Lithium ion Lithium iron phosphate
Specific Energy150/200 watt-hours per kilogram90/120 watt-hours per kilogram
Energy DensityHighLow
Life1,000-10,000 cycles500-1,000 cycle
SafetyLess in compare to lithium iron phosphateMore safe
Thermeal StabilityLowHigh
Thermal RunawayYes(150 °C)No (270 °C)
Chemical StabilityLowHigh
DisposalNot easyEasy
WeightLight weightHeavier
Charge Rate0.7 C - 1 C1 C
Discharge Rate1 C1-25 C

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