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ZIPTRON EV Technology

Tata Motor announce EV technology brand ZIPTRON“. As Tata launched Tigor EV & in future also plan for launch new electric vehicle, considering following  thing in Q4 of FY20 introduced power train technology ZIPTRON feature electric vehicle.

Key features

  • New technology make affordable for consumers.
  • Efficient high voltage system.
  • Zippy driving  performance.
  • Long Range (range at least 250 kms).
  • Lithium -ion batteries with warranty of 8 years.
  • Liquid cooled battery pack for superior thermal management.
  • State-of-the-art B.M.S. for extended battery life& consistent performance.
  • Battery pack IP67 standard (Dust & water proof system) with high strength outer shell protecting critical HV components.
  • High efficient permanent magnet AC motor for super performance as on demand.
  • High voltage electric motor 300 V plus.
  • Remote connected through dedicated app.
  • One million kms testing across multiple terrains.
  • Smart regenerative breaking  to charge the battery while on drive.


Tata Altroz EV could be  first  TATA car to use ZIPTRON technology.

ZIPTRON Freedom 2.0

Tata motors also rolled out the ZIPTRON freedom 2.0

Key features

  • Exhilarating accelartion
  • Long range
  • Advance telematics
  • Remote operation and small alerts,all unified on an integrated APP
  • Clutch free drive
  • Noise free drive
  • Hassle free maintenance
  • Fast charging in 60 minutes
  • 8 Years warranty on battery & motor
  • Charge with an ordinary port.
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