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Alternatives of lithium ion battery

As you know that people start shifting from Internal combustion engine to electric vehicle for clean & safe environment or we can say that the electric vehicle is The future of transportation .

As maximum electric vehicle i.e. two wheeler, three wheeler, car, bus truck  is using Lithium ion battery as power storage & battery is major part as well  as costly part of it.

Lithium maximum production from australia,argentina,china & chile etc. & not available in every country around the world.Due to limited resource & availability cost of lithium ion battery is high.

Researcher working day or night to improve performance of lithium ion battery as increase energy density, charging life cycle & reduce cost etc. Along with researcher also working for find out alternatives of lithium ion battery.

Team of researchers is working on a lithium ion battery as Iron ion battery & aluminium ion battery etc. 

Iron Ion battery

Researcher developed the world’s first iron-ion battery.In this anode made from carbon steel & cathode made from vanadium pentoxide with electrolyte made using iron chlorate.

Iron ion battery has some advantage as cost effective,stable alternative,better storage capacity,more safe,prevent short circuit of batteries,redox potential of iron ion is higher than lithium-ion,Good power retention after number of charging cycles.

for more detail about Iron ion battery click here

Aluminium Ion battery

Recently researchers from Sweden’s Chalmers University of Technology and the National Institute of Chemistry in Slovenia find a new concept for a double density of aluminum battery with more sustainable .

Similarly researcher Team lead by Dr Dung Jun kim from UNSW Sydney is also working on rechargeable aluminium-ion battery.

Aluminium ion battery has lower production cost,cheaper to make(aluminium easily available), reduce environmental impact,recycling of aluminum battery is easy,feasible for large scale usage (Solar cell park & wind energy storage).

Further research also working  on utilising redox-active organic molecules for multivalent-ion intercalation batteries such as aluminium, magnesium, zinc, and calcium.

As Iron ion & aluminium-ion battery in initial stage & doesn’t make sense to compare against well known & establish lithium ion battery at that time.

for more detail about Aluminium ion battery click here

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