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Electric Cycle Under 15000 | Electric bicycle under 15000 | Electric cycle price under 15000

Electric Cycle Under 15000?

If you are searching for an electric cycle under 15000 INR  then you are on the right track after  reading this article you are capable enough to find out the best electrical cycle in India.

In one line answer you cannot find the branded  electric cycle under 15000 INR, if someone is selling electric cycle in this range must double check it. 

Recently, I saw an advertisement on a social media platform about electric cycle in 2999 only and the condition is that you have to pay through online and COD is not available due to covid.

We checked on an internet review about  this electric cycle after reading the review. We know that this is a trap.

Generally electric cycle available in three categories:-

  1. Side connected motor
  2. Hub motor
  3. Mid drive motor (Very Expensive) 

Here we consider only two categories 

Side connected motor electric cycle price 16500 INR = 6500 INR (Kit price)+ 6000 INR(Battery & charger) + 4000 INR ( Single speed Cycle).

Hub motor electric cycle price 18500 INR  = 8500 INR (Kit price)+ 6000 INR(Battery & charger) + 4000 INR ( Single speed Cycle).

All prices are approximate.

So it is not possible to find out the electric cycle under 15000 INR.

But if you want to convert your existing electric cycle into an  electric cycle you may use an electric bicycle kit.

In market number of electric cycle kit available but few of them provide selection for battery rating, with or without rim etc

You may purchase one of the best electric cycle kits,  Geekay electric cycle kit has a number of options as per your requirements.

Geekay electric cycle kit
Geekay electric cycle kit

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You may purchase one of the best electric cycle Hero Lectro Kinza 27.5T SS single speed electric cycle

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After reading this article you are enough capable to know that very tough to find out electric cycle under under 15000 INR.

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