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Electric Car Conversion kit price in india 2022 | Electric car conversion kit manufacturers in india | Electric car kit

Electric Car Conversion kit price in india

As in India we see a number of e- Rickshaw from metro cities to small towns or villages. Similarly, a number of two wheeler companies are making  electric vehicles.

Now new four wheeler is also coming in electric vehicles, at the same time the cost of new electric vehicles is high in comparison to Petrol/Diesel vehicles.

If some one want an electric vehicle & not interested in purchasing a new electric vehicle then some company will help you & convert your ordinary car into an electric vehicle.

These companies will provide you with a complete electric vehicle conversion kit or customized electric vehicle conversion kit as per your requirement.

Electric conversion kit major parts are motor, battery, controller, charger, cable harness etc.

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Electric car conversion kit cost in India

If you search for the best electric bicycle kit then you find that the cost of the kit depends on parts available inside the kit.

As motor rating, controller rating increases the cost of kit also increases. Battery is the main & costlier part of the conversion kit. As rating of battery bank increases simultaneously range of vehicle & cost of kit increases.

Some companies provide customized kits & you will select  motor rating, battery specification as per your requirement. Some companies give lithium ion & some give lithium iron phosphate batteries. 

The cost of lithium ion batteries is higher in comparison to lithium iron phosphate batteries. You may find difference between Lithium Ion Vs Lithium Iron Phosphate .

The battery is the main & costlier part of an electric vehicle. In the case of lithium ion battery pack made from a number of lithium ion cells. In the market the number of company lithium ion cells available & cost depends on manufacturers. You may find some of the best brands for lithium cells LG, BYK, Samsung & Panasonic etc.

Always ask for a Lithium ion cells brand before selecting any battery pack.

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Electric car conversion companies in India

In India few companies/Startups provide conversion kits. You may find the list below.

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9. Bosch

10. GOGOA1

11. TadePole Projects

Famous for retrofitting of vintage cars.

Note:- Please check conversion kit is certified from any government agency or affiliated to any government agency (ARAI etc.)  for regulation.

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