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EV Charging Station Contractors

If you are searching for EV charging station contractors for home, office , apartment & business than you are on the right track after reading this article you are capable enough to find out the right contractors for your charging station.

In this article you may find work of ev charging station contractor, list of ev charging contractors & how to get minimum price from contractors.

They also perform work as per site specific condition eg:- Site investigation, underground cable laying, trenching, buried condit, conductors, overload protection, disconnects & connects cable, cable termination, new concrete laying, site restoration, earthwork, concrete & electrical work. 

If your car manufacturer refers to any charging station, you may contact the charging station manufacturer. They may have some contact with contractors for installation.

Steps for EV charging contractors

Generally ev charging contractors following work as consult, Project management, Installation, Service & maintenance. Your contractors may consider the following points.


  • Appointment with expert
  • Assess charging station demand
  • Advice for on charging station 
  • Initial Site assessment
  • Assessing the site requirement and understand your needs
  • Develop feasibility study
  • Help for choosing prefect charging stations as per your vehicle, properties & requirements. 
  • Provide preliminary design
  • Calculate preliminary cost estimates
  • Electrical demand and safety requirements 
  • Charge Point Management System

Project management

  • Coordinate permitting with local jurisdiction 
  • Coordinate project approvals with utility service provider
  • Planning, design & engineering – Planning & development for system setup
  • Selection of charging station equipment.
  • Documentation
  • Permits  & inspection – Permits, utilities approval and necessary inspection to start the installation
  • Registration
  • Asses potential rebate and incentive
  • Schedule and monitor construction
  • Provide quality control assessment throughout construction
  • Coordinate project signoff with local jurisdiction
  • Purchase necessary equipment (EVSE, wiring, breakers, panels, etc.)


  • Close coordinate work on site 
  • Electrical installation works from power source to station location
  • Cable trenching
  • Earthing solutions
  • On-site work
  • Electrical Installations
  • Commissioning
  • Installing & energizing EVSE
  • Operation training
  • Rebate applications – Research and apply for incentives
  • Signage
  • Line marking 
  • Testing, commissioning, and certification
  • Final Inspection

Service  & maintenance 

  • If your charger is not working than your car is useless so consider availability of service person 24*7 support. They have access to email, phone etc.

List of EV charging contractors

The vendors will differ on charger models, software, costs and manufacturer details. electricvehicless.com does not offer preferences or recommendations for any of the approved program vendors, and program participants are responsible for determining the suitability of these products and services.

  1. ABM
  2. Andromeda Power LLC 
  3. BTCPower (Broadband Telcom Power, Inc.)
  4. Casco contractor
  5. Charged future
  6. ChargePoint
  7. Electric Motor Werks, Inc.
  8. EV Charge Solutions
  9. EV Charging installers of America
  10. EV Connect
  11. EVBox
  12. EVoCharge
  13. EVSE LLC
  14. Greenlots
  15. Kitu Systems
  16. Liberty Plug-Ins
  17. MC Power
  18. National Car Charging
  19. OATI
  21. PowerCharge
  22. PowerFlex Systems
  23. SemaConnect, Inc.
  24. Shell New Energies
  25. Siemens
  26. Solarcc 
  27. Tellus Power Inc.
  28. Tiger Electric  
  29. Verdek
  30. Video Voice Data Communications
  31. Watt Logic
  32. Wattmasters
  33. Charging Station Installers and Inspectors

EV charging station reports for your reference

You may find more idea about after following reports as checklist, scope of work, proposal etc.

How to find the best EV charging station contractors at an optimum price.

Everyone want ev charging station contractors at an optimum  price without compromising safety. You may consider following points consider before selecting ev charging station contractors

  • Do your research ( Good actually you are doing it)  to find the best contractor. Read reviews, websites & talk to him.
  • Conrator & its electricians are qualified, trained & certified.
  • Consider that they have been working in this field for some time (Try to avoid new contractors). Always ask for previous installation & if possible to take feedback of contractor.
  • Get quotations from at least 3-4 contractors, compare it on the basis of scope of work, price, timeline, guarantees, cost for additional material required in installation of charging station.
  • If your car manufacturer refers any contractors, you may contact & also consider in selection of contractors.
  • After finalizing the contractor & at the time of negotiation ask contractors to give free maintenance for 1- 3 Years.
  • Select the contractor in such a way After installation they provide service, repairs & replacement work.
  • Complete installation of electric vehicle charging station job within time & safely. 
  • Find out the best EV charging contractors that fit your pocket & fulfill your requirements.

List Of EV Charger Station Manufacturer

  1. ChargePoint
  2. ABB
  3. Ample
  4. Blink
  5. Bosch
  6. BP
  7. Clipper Creek
  8. Cyber switching
  9. Daimler Mercedes-Benz
  10. Eaton
  11. Efacec
  12. Electrify America
  13. EVBox
  14. EVgo
  15. Flo
  16. GE
  17. Hyundai
  18. Pacific Gas and Electric
  19. Phihong
  20. RWE
  21. Schneider
  22. Shell
  23. Siemens
  24. Tesla
  25. Wallbox
  26. Webasto


If you consider the above mentioned points you may find one of the suitable ev charging contactors for your home, business etc.

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