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How much does it cost to charge an electric car ?

how much does it cost to charge an electric car is one of the most important questions when you are thinking about electric car.

If you are searching for the cost of charging an electric car than you are on the right track. After reading this article you are capable enough to calculate & find out the cost for charging.

In one word it depends on the tariff value of electricity.

Wait ! Wait ! Wait !

But  the cost of charging depends on number of factors

Cost depends on following factors

Charging location (Home or public charging station)

If you  charge your electric car at home you may pay less in comparison to public charging stations. For home you tariff charge is less in comparison to public charge where you can pay as electricity tariff on non home use or business use.

Time of charging

Some state electricity tariff charges vary throughout the day. In off peak hours (generally night or in afternoon) tariff charges are less in comparison to peak hours (generally day time).

In some states tariff changes as per day slot. It means for a day different-different rates of electricity. In maximum cases night charging is cheaper in comparison to day charging.

Type of charger

If you install DC fast charging the initial installation cost is high but charging losses are less in comparison to type 1 & type 2 charger.

Charging state

Tariff charges vary from state to state. In some state it is less in comparison to other states

Season of charging

In some states charging tariffs vary on seasons such as winter, summer etc.

Size of battery

If your car battery capacity is large then you have to pay more for charging from 0 to 100%.

Higher the size of the battery will cost higher to charge it, similarly as more capacity of the gas tank will lead to more costlier to fill it.

Cost depends on type of charging location

Home charging

  • Step 1 – Check your last month’s electricity bill in case of a postpaid meter.
  • Step 2 – In bill find out total amount to pay & unit consumed (in kilowatt-hour kWh).
  • Step 3 – Total amount divided by Unit consumed & will find per unit price of kWh. For e.g:- Total amount of bill 100$ & unit consumed 500kWh. In this case the price of per unit = 100/500 = 0.20$/kWh.
  • Step 4 – If your battery capacity of your car is 50 kWh & battery starts charging from 0 to 100%.In this condition charging cost = Battery capacity X Price per unit. It means the cost of charging = 50  X .20 = 10 $.

Charging on Public charger

On a public charger it depends on type of charger (Type1, Type 2) & DC fast charger. In some states type 2 charger per unit cost 0.20$ to 0.30$ & for DC fast charge per unit cost 0.30$ to 0.50$. 

Some public charger networks also take membership fees for using the charger network & Some public chargers also consider time for billing to customers.

How to reduce cost for charging an electric car

  • Try to charge a vehicle at home in place of a paid public charger.
  • Try to charge an electric car in off peak hours (During night time) or as per your state timing.
  • If your driving range on a daily basis is more, you can use type 2 or DC fast charger at home to avoid using an expensive public charger.
  • If you are installing home charger, your charger has facility to on & off with time so that you maximize utilization of off peak hours ( If you return back to home at 7:00 PM & connect charger to your car & set time to on charger in off peak hours & off charger in peak hours)
  • Some car manufacturers provide a free car charger network for the first 2 years, trying to maximize use of it.
  • Some hotels & resorts also provide free charger facilities, so use of it.

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