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World’s First Iron Ion battery

As battery is the main component of electric vehicle & in cost perspective major part of electric vehicle & maximum vehicle use Lithium-ion battery, But as know that lithium  source are limited.

Lithium maximum production from australia,argentina,china & chile etc. & no production in india. So find out new solution researchers from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras  developed a rechargeable iron ion battery &  way towards reduce dependency on lithium.

Researcher developed the world’s first iron-ion battery.In this anode made from carbon steel & cathode made from vanadium pentoxide with electrolyte made using iron chlorate.

Advantage of iron ion battery on lithium ion battery.

  1. Cost effective (iron easily available).
  2. Stable alternative.
  3. Better storage capacity.
  4. More safe.
  5. Prevent short- circuiting of batteries.
  6. The redox potential of iron ion is higher than lithium-ion.
  7. Good power retention after number of charging cycles.
  8. Energy density is 220Wh/kilo compared to 350Wh/Kilo in lithium-ion.

Researcher checked performance for 150 cycle of charging & discharging & found good result.

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