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How to promote electric vehicle

As number of hurdles on the way of electric vehicle & not easy to promote electrical vehicle. As Number of advantage electric vehicle as running cost is less, environment friendly & low maintenance cost, volume of EV on road is less. We will promote electric vehicles if we consider following things.

  1. Initially make a plan to reserve parking at least 5% for electric vehicles and mark as green parking in offices, multiplex’s, shopping mall, entertainment hub, Hotel etc.
  2. Make sure provide charging infrastructure at parking place.
  3. Reserve lane for electric vehicle on tolls & provide discount on toll roads.
  4. Initially provide subsidy on two & four wheeler.
  5. For two wheeler(BattRE,Ather,Tork,Emflux) fix a nominal registration charges & for four wheeler reduce registration charges.
  6. Decrease import duty on four wheeler EV.
  7. As battery is main component on EV, so reduce taxes on it.
  8. Initially reduce taxes for component use in EVs.
  9. As some companies working for modification of petrol/diesel vehicle to EV, so promote these companies (e-Trio) & focus to make easy path.
  10. Standardization of electric vehicle & charging station.
  11. Mandate EV charging point in all upcoming building/Infrastructure.
  12. In old building install EV charging point in a phase manner.
  13. Clean environment is responsibility of all so bank take an initiative & give loan on reduce interest rate.
  14. Amazon, flipkart, zomato take an initiative for at least 10% delivery person should use EVs.
  15. Organize information & awareness campaigns for EV.
  16. Financing company take lead for loan facility for electric vehicle eg:- Autovert .
  17. As Norway is top on electric vehicle use  so we learn from  Norway policy success & charging infrastructure experience
  18. Last but not least on road side restaurant/hotel/motel has parking place, people stay there & has staff, but only one thing is missing i.e. charging point. So develop these locations for charging point with less investment & without additional infrastructure.


In today scenario for reducing carbon foot print & increase EV on road take these small step for brighter future of electrical vehicle & clean environment & it is responsibility for all promote electric vehicle.

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