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What is EV electric Vehicle?

In day to day life we listen to EV, first question raises in mind what is EV electric vehicle?

An electric vehicle, also called an EV, uses an electric motor in place of CI/SI engine uses petroleum products  for running vehicles. Examples of electric vehicles are two wheeler, four wheeler, car, bus, truck, aircraft etc.

EVs first came into existence in the mid-19th century and less popular, but in the 21st century, EVs saw a renaissance due to technological developments, and an increased focus on clean transportation systems.

How electric vehicle work

There is no rocket science behind it. We describe it in three simple steps

  1. Power given to Battery bank to controller.
  2. As per accelerator requirement control signal reach to controller.
  3. Controllers give power to the motor & motor run i.e. connected with wheels.

Main Components of an Electric vehicle

An electric car has three primary components. These are the electric motor, controller, and battery.

Main Components of an Electric vehicle


The battery is the main & costlier part of an electric car. It works as a fuel tank for cars. As the capacity  increases you may go with a high range. Different types of batteries are available in the market but maximum electric vehicles use Lithium ion battery .

Motor Controller

The motor controller of an electric vehicle  controls the power through battery to motor as well control speed of vehicle, charging & discharging of battery. Controller consists of a microprocessor based circuit that controls everything.

Electric Motor

An electric motor is similar to working as an engine of a car. When power is applied to the motor it will rotate.Generally two types of motor use in electric vehicle AC & DC motor.


As electric vehicle generate no pollution, less component & running on less cost so future of electric vehicle is bright or we can say that it is future of transportation.


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